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TFGI’s network serves as a platform designed to nurture collaborations and facilitate discussions with partners in Southeast Asia. It connects regional tech advancements with global insights and fosters knowledge exchange, offering opportunities for research and dialogue centred on the region’s technological landscape within a global context.


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TFGI welcomes and invites organisations leveraging technology for societal good to join our network. Partners play a pivotal role in contributing to research, shaping policies, as well as driving meaningful discourse at the intersection of technology, society, and the economy. 


Discover a diverse range of engagement possibilities with TFGI, spanning from active participation in regional events to leveraging our platforms to amplify your messages.


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Our Partners

World Benchmarking Alliance

Centre for Strategic and International Studies

Singapore Institute of International Affairs

Asia Society Philippines


World Benchmarking Alliance

Founded in 2018, the World Benchmarking Alliance is a non-profit organisation holding 2,000 of the world’s most influential companies accountable for their part in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. It does this by publishing free and publicly available benchmarks on their performance and showing what good corporate practice looks like. The benchmarks provide companies with a clear roadmap of what commitments and changes they must make to put our planet, society and economy on a more sustainable and resilient path. They also equip everyone – from governments and financial institutions to civil society organisations and individuals – with the insights that they need to collectively incentivise leading companies to keep going and pressure the laggards to catch up.


Website: www.worldbenchmarkingalliance.org
Twitter: @SDGBenchmarks
LinkedIn: World Benchmarking Alliance

Centre for Strategic and International Studies

The Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Jakarta is an independent think tank focusing on policy-oriented studies on domestic and international issues. It was established in 1971. CSIS undertakes interdisciplinary policy-oriented research in economics, politics and social change, and international relations. Most recently, CSIS has been the founding and leading institution of several multi-stakeholder initiatives to foster policy solutions. These initiatives include the Safer Internet Lab (SAIL) for disinformation and social media governance, Decarbonization for Development Lab (DfD Lab) for trade and climate, and the Indonesia Fintech Society (IFSoC) for fintech and digital economy policies.


Website: www.csis.org
LinkedIn: Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Indonesia

Singapore Institute of International Affairs

Established in 1962, the Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA) is a non-profit and independent think tank committed to dialogues and policy analyses to bridge gaps between policymakers, private sector decision-makers and experts to respond to the key and emerging global challenges and opportunities. Our aim is to contribute to a region that is inclusive, peaceful and prosperous – an integrated, sustainable and globally competitive ASEAN and a Singapore that is an open, dynamic hub and a responsive node.


Website | LinkedIn

Asia Society Philippines

Asia Society Philippine Foundation, Inc. (“Asia Society Philippines”) aims to strengthen relationships, deepen understanding, and bridge differences across the Philippines, Asia, and the West. We develop cross-sector programs that bring together peoples, leaders, and institutions to promote understanding of Asia, across the fields of business and policy, leadership, education, arts and culture, sustainability, and technology. Part of a global network of 14 centres, Asia Society Philippines is a convenor for meaningful dialogue and conversations, forging strategic partnerships and synergies; positioning itself as the ASEAN-focused Center with a development-oriented trajectory.




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Mouna Aouri

Programme Fellow

Mouna Aouri is an Institute Fellow at the Tech For Good Institute. As a social entrepreneur, impact investor, and engineer, her experience spans over two decades in the MENA region, South East Asia, and Japan. She is founder of Woomentum, a Singapore-based platform dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs in APAC through skill development and access to growth capital through strategic collaborations with corporate entities, investors and government partners.

Dr Ming Tan

Founding Executive Director

Dr Ming Tan is founding Executive Director for the Tech for Good Institute, a non-profit founded to catalyse research and collaboration on social, economic and policy trends accelerated by the digital economy in Southeast Asia. She is concurrently a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Governance and Sustainability at the National University of Singapore and Advisor to the Founder of the COMO Group, a Singaporean portfolio of lifestyle companies operating in 15 countries worldwide.  Her research interests lie at the intersection of technology, business and society, including sustainability and innovation.


Ming was previously Managing Director of IPOS International, part of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, which supports Singapore’s future growth as a global innovation hub for intellectual property creation, commercialisation and management. Prior to joining the public sector, she was Head of Stewardship of the COMO Group and the founding Executive Director of COMO Foundation, a grantmaker focused on gender equity that has served over 47 million women and girls since 2003.


As a company director, she lends brand and strategic guidance to several companies within the COMO Group. Ming also serves as a Council Member of the Council for Board Diversity, on the boards of COMO Foundation and Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC), and on the Digital and Technology Advisory Panel for Esplanade–Theatres on the Bay, Singapore’s national performing arts centre.


In the non-profit, educational and government spheres, Ming is a director of COMO Foundation and Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC) and chairs the Asia Advisory board for Swiss hospitality business and management school EHL. She also serves on  the Council for Board Diversity and the Digital and Technology Advisory Panel for Esplanade–Theatres on the Bay, Singapore’s national performing arts centre.


Ming was educated in Singapore, the United States, and England. She obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Stanford University and her doctorate from Oxford.